About Us

The East Walker River originates high in the Sierra Nevada near the northeast boundary of Yosemite National Park in California. It flows northeast into Nevada, through the Sweetwater mountains, around the Pine Grove Hills, and then north until it joins the West Walker River, near Yerington, Nevada. The East Walker River is unique for a few reasons: 1-it helps provide life and a livelihood to farmers like my dad, irrigating some 132,000 acres of land altogether. 2-it is resilient; through the years it has endured terrible droughts, invasive carp infestations, and even oil spills, yet, somehow it always seems to return to its former grace, beauty, and abundance. 3-It is home to the largest river trout in the Eastern Sierra with some of the massive browns growing to over 24" in length. It is also the home of my youth. It is here that I gained a deep respect for nature and all that she could provide. We worked, fished, played, and prayed all around this special place. The principles I learned as a boy are the fundamentals of the East Walker River Wood Company today. We strive to provide beautiful, useful, and durable kitchen and outdoor products of the highest quality and workmanship that will be treasured forever.

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